"Among Us SP" Was inspired by Arvie K and Created by KlopityL in Construct 3. All assets and sounds are owned by Inner Sloth. 

Note: I am not associated with Innersloth in any way.

Original Game

Innersloth If you're reading this contact me at "" if you want me to remove this off the site...

If you want to contact me my discord is Klopity#8738

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Why does It say "

Software update needed "

If you're near a dead body, you're ejected. If you're in a vent near a dead body, you're also ejected. My conclusion: the crewmates have X-ray vision

why is there someone called SmellyNegro . . .


A Pizza Time! Gaming crewmate name would be amazing for this awesome game!!! 328 views and counting!

klopoty pls reply i think that there is a glitch  because it keeps saying that my device needs an update but my chromebook doesnt have any updates available.. I really love playing this welll loved when i could PLS REPLY FROM THIS POSSIBLE GLITCH.

What is the error message?

Just one word... amazing


Some names are inappropriate. :\ Can you change that?

I havent found any

i found xxx vid

maybe in the next update when you play again you dont have to reset the cooldown, speed ect. :)

pls dont bc  people like to change settings every game


why do u say GG



kloptyl when i killed dark green in med bay then vented out to electric i just started to do non sus stuff then i went back to medbay the body was not there and it did not get repoted wierd disaperian bodys


itss a realllyyy awesome gamme



Bro i am on a mac and it work

why game no work

El juego es muy bueno y no se si funciona con android lo intente pero solo estaba la pantalla en blanco y eso me molesta mucho la verdad en cambio cunado lo jugué en PC se quedó negra pero solo unos segundos y me funcionó en cambio en android se me queda negra la pantalla la jugalidad es muy bueno siempre eres el impostor xD entre más cosas el mapa combinado xD y eso es todo en resumen es una medio critica ya que a mí me pasó eso de la pantalla negra en android ojalá estuviera xD

he said 

The game is very good and I don't know if it works with android I tried it but the screen was blank and that bothers me a lot, the truth is instead when I played it on PC it went black but only a few seconds and it worked for me instead on android it My screen remains black, the game is very good, you are always the impostor xD among more things the combined map xD and that's all in summary it is a critical medium since that of the black screen happened to me on android I wish I was xD


Hey man, I was inspired by Arvie K as well, made my own game in construct 3, but did you pay for membership or whatever because im using free version and i dont have that many events

I paid.

klopity i have a question

klopity pls reply to my recent comment ps love the game

Hello I have enjoyed playing this game it is an amazing game but idkk if its a glitch or not but after like 15 times of playing it doesnt allow me to play its saying software update needed but I cant update my chromebook bc there are no more updates needed. I dont know if u can fix this or not  but I really loved playing the fan game version a lot.

Thank you,

Klopity el juego esta EPICO

Pero como bien ya a dicho SI0ws  estaría bien que metieras más sabotajes como el del O2, comms o incluso las puertas, tan bien molaría ser compañero de tripulación el mini crewmate de mascota y que los NPCs puedan llevar gorros y mascotas.

Estaría muy bien que metieras eso, pero es decisión tuya.

he said

Klopity the game is EPIC

But as SI0ws already said, it would be nice if you put more sabotages such as the O2, comms or even the doors, it would be so cool to be a crewmate the mini pet crewmate and that the NPCs can wear hats and pets.

It would be great if you put that in, but it's up to you.

Oh Hey Again Klopity I See That You've Listend To Me And Other People. I Just Wonder If You Can Add A Couple More Sabotages on Skeld Like O2 And Comms . Thank You Klopity.

wait i haven't played this in 2 weeks so uuhhhh why are there diff names are they real people or just AI


ok very sad

OK so I found a glitch. I have been playing for three games and it has happened every time. 

so one game I saw that red went into electrical by himself with no one else. I also saw brown go down to like communications.

Now when I went too electrical I saw red leaving, and what else I saw was brown also leaving.

I don't know how this happened because there is only  one impostor and crews can't vent

what's the next update sir?

Idek yet

maybe sabotage doors 


yep it was killa approved that glitch is there i tested it like 5 times

Also this is really good game but could u make it so that there is a 3 percent chance to be crewmate.

sorry if were asking for to much  

great game 

I found a glitch 

When you sabotage reactor  and you vent there the bots get scared and don’t fix reactor which leads in a win.

Can you please fix it


My discord is DanyMtzC #6892

how do i play on phone


be on a phone

k thx

it ain't work

it just shows the screen just pops up in the map and I can't move


This game is SOOOOOOOOO fun im luvin it

your keyboard rip so much o's

i forgot how to be crewmate 

you cant in this game

There is no crewmate in this among us

when someone sees you vent all you have to do to stop them from emergency meeting is to do a sabotage and then theyll just run to the sabotage trying to fix it forgeting that you ever vented

lol they didnt even call a meeting for me

You have to vent in front of them and not do a sabotage then theyll somehow call a meeting with the non existant button


can you make it download cause im going out of town and there is no wifi there so i cant play and iove your btw

i am groot i am groot i am groot i am groot


Me encanta pero molaría que hubieran mas sabotajes, votaciones, ser compañero de tripulación y que los NPCs llevaran gorritos.


i am groot

i know only a little spanish but i think they are saying they love it, want more sabotages, and some other stuff i dont know


i speak spanish thats why im asking for download cause me going to mexico

he said

I love it but it would be cool if there were more sabotage, voting, being a crewmate and for the NPCs to wear hats.



everything is just complaints and suggestions and other stuff... i just came here to say that i enjoyed playing this... i had a lot of fun.


i am groot


I love it too, thats why i always chek for updates on it


Well that sucks as a dead body they can report and vote me :(

its apart of the game



I like the new update but i really want crewmate mode  can you please add crewmate mode please

sometimes when i kill somebody and somebody comes close, I kill them, but they manage to report the body...

also can you add it so you can choose the amount of bots?


Can you add the doors that imposter uses to trap people pls thanks a million



kloptyl i just noticeded that when i kill red  or ANY PLAYER i just vent out then i see RED coming down THE HALL 100% ALIVE OR ANY LAYER DOING THE SAME THING  fix that glich or hack plz it makes the game impossible ( it happens when i kill any player ) and you cant even get a win because of this plz FIX GLICH and when i win it plays defeat song and when i lose it plays the victory song realy strange and for some reason the vent lags and takes me to another vent system ( i mean kinda useful when you are trying torun away but now i just have to sit down and have luck and land on the correct vent )and  sometimes when that happens it pops me out of the vent reviling my self plz fix glich 

some gliches i found dont even affect the game and are super rare to happen and i found them by just playing your game as much as i could 

ps : the best fan game ever

BTW i did not add most gliches i found because i would take a year but still they realy dont affect much the game so its not much of a deal dis glices ( EXEPT THE RESPOWN  TE CREWS)  





what do you mean "???" its obvious he means" rt,fdhgyrhdikjslfuidjosfuhijhur"

i am groot